• With COVID-19 now a major global pandemic, this Special Report by CBRE provides an up-to-date assessment of how Asia Pacific commercial real estate markets have responded so far; evaluates which markets and sectors have performed better – or worse – than expected; and identifies the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.
  • The negatives are led by an impending recession triggered by the imposition of lockdown measures and other restrictions; a sharp decline in occupier and investor demand; and an overriding focus on rent abatement and other concessions
  • The positives comprise the gradual easing of restrictions and resumption of economic activity in most regional markets; the rollout of massive monetary and fiscal stimulus to alleviate the impact of lockdown measures; and a resilient logistics sector supported by a surge in e-commerce demand.
  • The unknowns include the pace and path of recovery; the impact of the shift to home-working on future office demand; and the location and organisation of manufacturing supply chains.


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