The take-up recorded during Q2 2019 amounted to approximately 117,824 sqm.

here were 38% transactions under 500 square meters, followed by those between 1,000 and 5,000 square meters (27%).

The most dynamic sectors were Business Services and Manufacturing & Energy; while the preferred areas of the occupiers ranged  from CBD and Porta Nuova BD to the sub markets of the Semicentre and Periphery.

During the quarter, approximately 30,000 square meters were completed, all of which were subject to restructuring. 

Compared to Q1, prime rents remain constant (€ 580 / sqm/p.a. in CBD and € 550 / sqm/p.a. in PNBD), as well as prime CBD yield ( 3.40%) and good secondary (5.0%),  whereas prime yield of the Semicentre, drops to 4.15%.

The first half of 2019 closes with substantial numbers: 1.36 YTD billion euro have been invested in the Office sector in Milan.