Facilities Management

Facilities Management (FM) creates ideal office environments for our clients and their employees worldwide.


We deliver customized facilities management solutions with the aim to optimize your building’s performance and operating expenses while attracting talent of the future and fostering a productive and happy workforce.

We understand that buildings have high operating costs, but we also know the value a property can provide. Our facilities management team will ensure that your premises and assets are maintained to the highest standards while mitigating risks and reducing costs through an efficient and streamlined process.

Our goal is to enable our clients to perform their best in a safe environment regardless of their size and location. We provide a locally tailored and customized solution as we understand that we all have different needs and requirements.

Our Strengths

Enhanced service quality and consistency, reduced cost and risk mitigation are guaranteed because we self-perform technical services rather than outsourcing them. In fact, we self-perform technical services which allows us to optimize our resources and standardize the service level offered.

At CBRE, safety is a core value of our service delivery and organization – not just a performance statistic – and we continually invest in our safety culture so that our people and yours enjoy a safe working environment.

Services Offered

We offer cost certainty, improve operational efficiencies and reliability and reduce risk through multiple facilities management solutions including:

Sectors Covered

  • Offices and Headquarters
  • Manufacturing Plants, Industrial, and Logistics
  • Data Centers
  • Financial Institutions
  • Energy, Oil & Gas
  • Campus and Schools
  • Technology, Media & Telecom
  • Retail Networks
  • Alternative Workplaces

Principal Projects Delivery

The Principal Projects service provides a contracting alternative to the traditional agency construction project management. In this model, CBRE contracts with all downstream subcontractors and vendors directly providing a single-point-of-contact for the entire delivery team.

Some key benefits of this delivery model include swift repair works, risk mitigation and cost certainty, high-quality standards and cost savings.

Where we can support you:

  • Minor works, Repairs, Replacement, Renovation and Retrofit solution
  • Procurement with Strategic partners
  • PMO support for Finance, Accounting, Project Management and Quality Management
  • Quality, Health, Safety

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